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The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development (IEA) with the support of Centre for Progressive Policy Research (KEPP) organised the 3rd strategic conference:

Investments and Prospects for Economic Growth in Greece 2014

The conference took place on Wednesday, November 5th 2014, at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens in association with Boussias Communications and Symeon G. Tsomokos S.A.

  • The event was under the auspices of Greek: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean.

The conference focused on the new model for entrepreneurship that drives development, energy efficiency and innovation, based on modern infrastructure and transparent relations with the market, relates with existing framework and investment opportunities in Greece and directs towards sustainability and the outward growth of Greek business.

Institutional representatives, ambassadors and commercial attaches of foreign countries, senior representatives of public organizations, as well as senior executives of local and international private companies, representatives of financial institutions, experts and academics attended the conference.

Main topics that were addressed during the event include the following:

  • Improve the competitiveness of Greek business.
  • Accelerate the growth of export activity in Greece (pharmaceutical companies, services companies etc)
  • Evaluate the pace and extent of institutional reform, in association with the investment framework.
  • Examine the prospect for growth and the potential of specific industries, such as energy (natural gas, hydrocarbons, energy infrastructure), telecoms, tourism etc., in order to become the basic pillars that will kick start development.
  • Find alternative ways of financing and enhancing the creditworthiness of Greece operating abroad.
  • Enhance utilization of infrastructure (ports, airports), mineral and water resources of Greece.
  • Attract foreign investments for the utilization of infrastructure (ports, airports), mineral and water resources of Greece.
  • Examine geopolitical issues in relation with the prospects for development of the Greek economy
    The development of Greece rural areas.
  • Examine communication technology as a driver for developing investments, identifying new maps for telecommunications industry.
  • The impact of innovation and technology in order to achieve sustainable development.

The event’s main objectives were:

  • Emerging investment prospects in Greece,
  • Presenting ways of reinforcing the competitiveness of Greek companies,
  • Investment strategies applicable to the whole market.

Furthermore the ultimate goal was to capture best practices and activities within the framework of sustainable development and growth prospects, as well as ways of attracting investment to boost the Greek economy, from companies operating in Greece.


The conference was addressed to: institutional representatives, senior representatives of Greek public organizations, senior executives of Greek and International private sector companies, foreign ambassadors – European Union, Eastern Mediterranean and from countries where investment and business interest emerges – commercial attaches, representatives of Greek and foreign industry and financial institutions, academics and experts.

Personal invitations were sent from the organizers to the participants.

The event concluded with a reception in honor of the representatives of the Government and representatives of the political parties, the Administration of ACCI, sponsors, speakers and distinguished guests.

Information: Irene Gkini, tel: 210-6617777 (internal156) email: igkini@boussias.com

Websites: iea.org.gr